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When I was a teenager, I swam about 6 miles a day. This allowed me to eat whatever I wanted without getting fat. In fact, I had a sinewy, toned body (oh, to go back!). Unfortunately, I did not feel well most of the time. I was prone to ear infections and other illnesses. In one year of high school, I contracted numerous ear infections, mono and pleurisy. We ate VERY healthy at home (my mom was into organic, no-sugar food like carob chip cookies, ugh!), but away from home, I chose to eat garbage and that started with donuts for breakfast before my first workout. I proceeded with a post-swim vending machine snack before my afternoon workout, another trip for junk food after swim practice for the same meal, then home for homework and healthy dinner. My diet consisted almost entirely of processed food and I could sort of get away with it because my body needed the calories, but my cells were not healthy. One of my high school diseases stayed with me and I would get recurring bouts of what felt like mono. I was frustrated by doctors who didn’t believe me or understand why so they wanted to give me Prozac for depression. Finally, I said to test me for mono. He protested, but sure enough, three weeks later, I received a call that I had in fact, had another case of mono! Imagine trying to function with recurring cases of mono!? I was in a fog most of the time, chronically exhausted or sick. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Countless doctors failed to help me. Even the one who finally tested me for mono told me there was nothing he could do to help. So I read everything I could get my hands on, in total 69 books on various wellness topics plus my schooling.

This led me to start cooking with super foods. At the time, my mom had just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and she was in so much pain, she could not stand to even have a sheet over her feet at night. I happened to visit my parents and I cooked for them on the trip with my new super-food recipes. My mom’s pain started to subside, so my Dad said, “Kristin, you are smart, figure out how to fix your mom.”

I knew that part of the solution had to be supplementation because I had read so many studies about its benefits. However, the supplements I was taking from a well-known brand were not helping me, so I knew there had to be a difference among brands. I started researching the supplement industry and learned that it is not regulated, and began looking for the best supplements I could find.

I put my mom on a supplement regimen of the highest-grade supplements I could find and even started taking them myself. The results for both of us were nothing short of amazing. My mom reported after four days of taking the supplements that she was pain free and wearing high heels. Meanwhile, I stopped being so tired all the time, no longer needed a daily nap to survive and stopped catching everything under the sun (literally if you and I were on the phone and you had a cold, I caught it).

She told people of her results and they called me to see if I could help them. People literally came out of the woodwork seeking help. I started speaking on the topic and also sought certifications and additional qualifications to further my knowledge base and ability to help people.

A friend of mine in the insurance business came to me and said that wellness is the hottest topic for corporations in an effort to stem health insurance costs. As a result, I got into doing wellness work for corporations and speaking all over the country. This led to the creation of a portal to help train individuals at their own pace in a fun and engaging way. It helps us to train individuals to live healthier lives and incentivize them to do it regardless of location or where they are in the health continuum.


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