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You truly are a reflection of what you eat. Eat healthy foods, you will be healthy and look your best. Eat garbage foods, you will be unhealthy and feel like garbage. It’s as simple as that. It is time to take back your health, and that starts with an understanding of how your body reacts to the foods you eat.

Eighty percent of the calories you consume are used by your brain. That’s why calorie skimping for weight loss usually leads to short-term brain fatigue and long-term bingeing. Your body is not just affected by the calories in the food you consume but by the quality of nutrients in those calories. You can use this blog to learn about healthy foods, and nutritious tips to feed your cells the nutrients they need for you to be healthy. You can also join our subscribers’ only site for access to recipes, meal planners and customized grocery lists. Subscribing to this site gives you serving info and we only offer healthy, low-glycemic options. Some options are also gluten-free or dairy-free for people with allergies.

Find out more about health and nutrition by taking a look at the recipes in the blog for great meal ideas. 

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