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Discover how healthy employees can make a healthy company!

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It’s no secret that happier employees are more productive but did you know the same is true for healthier employees? That’s where we come in! At SHUR Wellness, we create programs that motivate and inspire every employee to live healthier, more productive lives. And we do mean EVERY employee!

The problem with other wellness programs is that they tend to benefit those who are already well, not those who are at risk or already sick. That’s why participation rates tend to fall off over time. But that’s not a problem at SHUR Wellness – our programs have a 98% participation rate! Why? Because our programs aren’t boring, quit-after-a-week programs, but fun, exciting and gottaget-out-of-your-seat programs that keep employees engaged. You will be amazed at the results: reduced medical expenses, lowered health insurance rates, greater productivity and a happier corporate culture.

Thanks to healthcare reform rules, we are able to design programs that incentivize employees at little-to-no cost to the employer. Discover how our programs can lead to healthier employees and, quite possibly, a healthier bottom line for your business.

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