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I talk to people all of the time who tell me that they eat healthy. I always ask, "Well, what does that mean exactly?" or "What exactly do you eat that’s healthy?” For breakfast, the responses are usually a lot of instant oatmeal. For lunch, it’s deli meat on whole grain bread. For dinner, it’s some sort of animal protein and vegetable. It's no wonder people in this country have such a hard time losing weight – no one knows what healthy is anymore.

If it says it’s healthy on a label, it's probably not healthy. Why? Because mostly processed foods have labels and most processed foods are not healthy. Let’s take instant oatmeal for example. Whether it’s one of those packets full of sugar and dried fruit or not, it is going to be high glycemic. High glycemic foods spike blood sugar and cause those items to be stored as fat, regardless of the 100 calorie label.

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