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I get more "healthy blog" emails about this than any other topic. Some from some company trying to sell me high protein cookies! High protein diets have been strongly linked to liver cancer. When I say strongly I mean the researcher could accelerate or reverse the growth of the cancer by dialing up or down the protein content. The safe amount of protein was 5% and the most accelerated was 20%. Most of these diets are advocating 40 to 50% protein!!

This is irresponsible or ignorant on the part of these authors. It also gives my profession and that of the doctors recommending it a bad name. Do your research. Is it worth losing a few pounds to risk liver cancer or any other type of cancer? Studies show that the weight lost on high protein diets is mostly muscle and bone. Hello! Muscle burns fat! Why would you want to lose that? And who wants osteoporosis? Plus high protein diets stimulate hair loss. I like my hair thank you very much!

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