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Birthdays are synonymous with garbage food. I don't know why people celebrate their birth by eating a bunch of bad food that will make them get fat and feel terrible. It’s akin to putting low-grade fuel into your car on the anniversary of the day you bought it!

In any case, in this country this is what we do. And to make it worse we bring this stuff into the office or school so everyone else can fill up, feel terrible and perform poorly.

So, let’s do something bold: encourage healthy eating on birthdays. Bring in healthy foods or hold a contest to see who can bring in the healthiest and tastiest items. You can do this by having potlucks on birthdays where everyone brings in a healthy dish, and then vote after lunch, or have the birthday person bring in a healthy treat.

In either case there are some parameters for what denotes healthy. First and foremost, all foods should be low glycemic. The web is full of fantastic recipes for low-glycemic treats. To inform your co-workers, you could use your newsletter to explain the glycemic index. 

On our portal we have tons of yummy, healthy recipe options. We also have a weekly meal plan builder and lots of tasty low-glycemic treats for birthdays. 

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