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If you are serious about a culture of wellness, the first place to communicate this is in the cafeteria. I work with a lot of companies that have cafeterias and they are usually loaded with bad food options. Working with the head person in the cafeteria to create and offer – at the very least – one healthy food choice daily is critical to your success.

Ideally, you need to make a plan to convert the cafeteria to 90% healthy food options rather than the other way around. Most people just grab what they’re going to eat without reading the labels or being conscious of the decision they are making. If 90% of the options are healthy and tasty, you can help them in their wellness without them having to try so hard.

My other blog has some tasty recipes to help get you started. Our portal is packed with healthy menu options and we can work with your cafeteria staff to help you achieve this goal.

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