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It’s allergy season!! My poor fiancé is miserable when its NOT cold or raining! The pollen makes his face swollen, his nose runny and his eyes itchy! My friends all make comments about how bad their kids allergies are, and I am left wondering why so many more people have allergies these days? As a health coach, I have theories on the why part, but those don’t matter as much as how to help these people, especially my fiancé! I have helped a lot of people with a lot of different ailments. You would be amazed at what happens when you improve the quality of the food you use to feed your body! This is true of allergies as well. So, I am going to list the top allergy causing foods for you, so you can see if removing them helps alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies as well for you or a loved one.

The following is a list of the top food allergens. Consuming these foods can weaken gut health and the healthy flora that help to fight infection, disease, and weight gain.


Grains: These include, wheat, corn, oats, rye, rice, etc.

Dairy: I know, cheese is hard to give up! And a lot of people love milk!!

Added sugars and artificial sweeteners: These disrupt healthy gut flora, they not only kill the good bacteria that helps you fight infection and disease and keep you thin, but they are food for the bad bacteria that make you sick and fat!

Legumes: The top two in this category are peanuts (full of mold you can’t see) and soy. Soy is in just about everything, so you really have to read labels in order to avoid it.

There are lots of reasons these foods make the top allergens. But the why is not the problem! It’s what to replace them with. When I told my fiancé that his favorite food: pasta, might be contributing to his discomfort, he looked at me with a mixed look of incredulous disbelief, crossed with the some sort of betrayal, like I just lost one of our dogs! So, in my next post I will give you a list of foods you can use to substitute and still have your favorite dishes. Some I like even better than the original version.

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