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Have you ever held a "biggest loser" contest only to find that everyone returns to previous habits (and weight) after the contest is over?

One way to combat this is to offer continued incentives. Rather than having an official end date, continue prizes and incentives on a monthly basis so there is an ongoing incentive to live a healthy lifestyle. The winner can be the person who has lost the greatest percentage of body fat over the previous month or the most weight. The body fat option encourages people to build muscle (which burns fat), so some might actually gain weight but still become leaner. This also is a good option because you can utilize handheld body fat calculators. But it does require time because you must enter a person’s weight and height in order to calculate. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional to come in and do the weigh-ins. This keeps people’s weight confidential so those who are self-conscious will still participate and it also helps keep the judging impartial. Another benefit is that everyone can participate, where if you have someone inside the company doing weigh-ins, it wouldn’t exactly be fair for them to participate in the contest.

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