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It's time for spring cleaning and before you get out all of your cleaning products and scrub your house down, maybe you should start by cleaning out your cleaning closet.

A few years ago, before I knew anything about the glycemic index or most of the other stuff I write about and teach I went on a diet to lose weight. I am not sure which one I was following, but for the purposes of this discussion it doesn't matter. I drank coffee at the time and started drinking Chai lattes with a shot of espresso. Did you know Chai lattes are like 500 calories!?! And they are high glycemic! Not something to drink if you are trying to lose weight. More like the opposite. 

If you are serious about a culture of wellness, the first place to communicate this is in the cafeteria. I work with a lot of companies that have cafeterias and they are usually loaded with bad food options. Working with the head person in the cafeteria to create and offer – at the very least – one healthy food choice daily is critical to your success.

I talk to people all of the time who tell me that they eat healthy. I always ask, "Well, what does that mean exactly?" or "What exactly do you eat that’s healthy?” For breakfast, the responses are usually a lot of instant oatmeal. For lunch, it’s deli meat on whole grain bread. For dinner, it’s some sort of animal protein and vegetable. It's no wonder people in this country have such a hard time losing weight – no one knows what healthy is anymore.

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