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Hi, My name is Cindy and I am a food addict! Well, all the wrong foods until blessed to have Kristin and her program enter my life. I am down 20lbs (exercising daily) and still losing and am on a vitamin regiment for other health related issues and the major one is hyperlipidemia and carotid arteries that are 60% blocked. The journey has been sheer amazement as Kristin has added her expertise and enthusiastic energy to make me the best I can be and oh, did I tell you how much better I am feeling? If you want to get healthy this is the best program and the leadership and guidance are amazing!

I went to Kristin complaining of chronic foot pain as well as being frustrated over the stingy pregnancy weight that was still hanging around a year after the birth of my son. What started out as a conversation resulted in real results. Through her diet suggestions and putting me on specific supplements, I became pain free and lost all that bothersome weight... Just in time to get pregnant again. ;) 

During a doctor’s visit, it was discovered that had elevated liver enzymes. He followed his doctor’s orders in order to alleviate this condition, including changing his diet and his lifestyle. However, five years later, he still had the same medical problem. After one month in a personalized SHUR Wellness program, Keith’s enzyme levels in his liver were back to normal.
- Keith

Despite her degree in nutrition she had chronic illness – chronic fatigue, muscle cramping, fibromyalgia, GERD and sleeping issues – and was on a steady supply of medication. After getting her own personalized SHUR Wellness program (which included supplements) her health started to turn around: she was sleeping better, her fibromyalgia abated and she was able to get off the prescription medications. Now, she works in the program helping others to do the same.

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