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Occasional migraine headaches are bad enough, but chronic migraines can be debilitating. Just ask. She was suffering from chronic migraines, which were so painful that she was put on bed rest and was unable to work. After being put on a personalized wellness program at SHUR Wellness, Jennifer’s migraine problem disappeared. In two months, she was able to return to work and has been migraine free ever since
- Jennifer K

Carol enjoyed an active lifestyle into her 60s, but started to experience a burning pain in her joints. The pain became so intense that it was excruciating to walk. At night, she wasunable to have a sheet over her feet or wear shoes. Ultimately, Carol was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and afraid her active days were over. Then she went to SHUR Wellness and was given her own wellness program. After two weeks in the program, Carol was pain free with no symptoms. Seven months later, her Rheumatoid Arthritis was no longer a problem. 

As a busy mom, needed all the rest she could get but unfortunately she was experiencing sleeping problems at night. And her tossing and turning at night was leading to some very long and tiresome days. Elizabeth came to SHUR Wellness and we put her on a customized program that included increasing the amount of B12 she was taking. As a result, Elizabeth now sleeps better, has more energy during the day and feels great.
- Elizabeth K

As a senior who is young at heart, Donna still enjoyed an active life despite the fact she was experiencing multiple age-related health issues. She was put on multiple medications for diabetes and heart disease and was ultimately bed ridden, unable to drive. When she came to SHUR Wellness, we discovered that her medications were robbing her body of the nutrients she so badly needed. Within three months of going on a SHUR Wellness program, which replenished those nutrients, she was off three medications, had energy and was able to drive again. She even was able to take her first vacation trip in years just a month after beginning treatment.
- Donna W

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